Impella Heart Pumps from Abiomed

Stephen C. McEvoy of Belmont, Massachusetts, serves as director of business development for Abiomed, Inc. Also vice president, general counsel, and assistant secretary of the company, Stephen McEvoy supports all commercial and product strategy efforts.

A manufacturer of innovative devices that support or replace the heart’s pumping function, Abiomed offers a variety of artificial pumps including the smallest heart pump in the world, the Impella. The Impella family of products currently includes four individual models, each created to meet the needs of different cardiac patients. The Impella 2.5, for example, features a 9 French diameter and 12 French pump motor, which together support flow of up to 2.5 liters per minute. This particular pump draws blood out of the left ventricle and returns it into the ascending aorta.

Similar in size, the 9 Fr Impella CP (with 14 Fr motor) supports greater flow rates but uses the same platform as the 2.5 model. Both can be introduced by catheterization via the femoral artery. The Impella 5.0 supports 5 liters per minute of flow and, at 9 Fr in diameter, stands out as the smallest pump available to support this level of blood flow from the left ventricle into the patient’s aorta. Finally, Abiomed’s Impella LD also supports 5.0 liters per minute of flow but is designed for insertion in the context of an open chest surgery. This device, which relieves load on the left ventricle, directs blood flow into the aorta via a 21 Fr micro-axial pump.


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