Basic Sailing Etiquette

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Sailing Etiquette

A key member of the Abiomed, Inc., executive management team, Stephen C. McEvoy of Belmont, Massachusetts, is responsible for leading the company’s business development efforts, working with the board of directors, and preparing SEC forms. In his free time, Belmont resident Stephen McEvoy enjoys a variety of hobbies, including sailing.

As with many activities, there are several basic rules of etiquette that keep sailing enjoyable for everyone on the water. The following are just a few examples:

Right of way. Every sailor should clearly understand and follow the right-of-way rules for sailing. This includes steering out of the way of oncoming boats; taking a wide route around large freight boats, fishing boats, and racing boats; and being aware of how your boat’s wake affects others.

Anchoring and mooring. Moving at a slow speed when docking prevents your boat from disrupting the activities on already docked boats and from making it difficult for sailors to navigate through the crowded area. When it comes to anchoring out in sea, do so away from other boats and outside of a high traffic area.

Boarding. Always ask the skipper or boat owner before boarding any vessel other than your own. While on the boat, accept an equal share of the duties and always listen to the skipper. Additionally, only bring the items you need onto another vessel. This is especially important if you’re planning on being on board for a while because space is always limited.