About Stephen C. McEvoy Belmont

Belmont, Massachusetts, resident Stephen C. McEvoy commands extensive experience building and growing pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies. Trained in corporate law at Columbia Law School, Stephen C. McEvoy, J.D., currently serves as vice president of general counsel, assistant secretary, and director of business development with AbioMed, a creator of cardiovascular implant devices. He joined AbioMed in 2007. As a key member of the company’s executive team, he manages the legal and business development departments. He also represents the firm in commercial litigation and intellectual property matters.

Prior to joining AbioMed, Mr. McEvoy worked at Biogen Idec, Inc., from 1997 to 2007. Starting out as an associate general counsel at Biogen Idec, he later served as chief operations counsel at the American pharmaceutical manufacturer. During his decade with the company, he managed an international team of attorneys and intellectual property experts and he offered general corporate and operational management support to the subsidiary Biogen Idec Canada, Inc.

Stephen McEvoy earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brown University prior to pursuing a career in law. He spent a summer serving as an executive assistant at Kuwait Petroleum in Stockholm, Sweden, while earning a master of business administration from Duke University. In the late 1980s, he enrolled in Columbia Law; he completed his juris doctor in 1992. During his free time, Stephen McEvoy enjoys jogging in and around his hometown of Belmont, MA.


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